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We are dedicated to embedding sustainability at the core of forestry and wood sector operations. Our company is rooted in practical forestry experience—our consultants, with years of hands-on experience as foresters, are deeply familiar with the industry’s advantages and challenges.
Our approach to ESG offers practical value. It goes beyond just reports and regulations; we focus on implementing actions that propel us forward into the future.
With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within your industry, we deliver bespoke ESG solutions that comply with regulatory standards and unlock new value in your environmental, social, and governance endeavors.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Consultation and Training: We offer bespoke ESG training and consulting that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities within the forestry and wood industries. Our services include comprehensive ESG orientation, practical advice, and sector-specific opportunity assessments. We also provide clear explanations of relevant taxonomies and assist businesses in aligning their operations with sustainable practices.
  • ESG Reporting: We guide companies in the creation of ESG reports that reflect the specific nuances of the forestry sector. Our approach includes stakeholder engagement, integration of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and adherence to the latest regulations. We simplify the reporting process by helping with data collection, report structuring, and ensuring compliance with both mandatory frameworks and voluntary initiatives.
  • Practical Implementation Assistance: We design systems to facilitate the smooth exchange of ESG data with partners, optimize data utilization for both reporting and business analysis, and assist in securing sustainable financing. Our solutions include integrating the latest forestry data into reporting frameworks and enhancing the digitalization of business processes for improved sustainability reporting.
  • Validation: We perform thorough due diligence on ESG reports to ensure their integrity and accuracy. Our validation process is rigorous, designed to identify any instances of greenwashing and to provide a credible assessment of your company’s ESG disclosures.
  • Additional Services: We engage communities on behalf of forest owners and managers, develop sustainability-oriented marketing materials for global markets, and offer support in sustainable forest management strategy development. We also assist with the acquisition of forestry certifications and the design of management plans that preserve biodiversity while supporting sustainable business growth.

Reach out to us by email at or call us at (+372) 53 327 568 to transform challenges into opportunities with our strategic, insightful, and tailored ESG solutions. Let’s drive meaningful change in the forestry and wood sector together, enhancing your business resilience and sustainability footprint.

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